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Every once in a while I come across a piece of writing that I really connect with. Cold Mountain, Hound Dog, the Red Riding Quartet, Chuck Norris facts – all pieces of writing that have resonated with me.

To this list I can now add Dave 2.0b2, a short story by Michael Marshall Smith.  I stumbled across it the other day, and I immediately got it on a number of different levels:

  1. The genre – I’m a big fan of short stories, they’re a very efficient way to get a hit of good story telling
  2. The protagonist – It’s about a man, and I’m a man – how can I not relate to that?
  3. The format – It’s a review of a man, by all the people that know him, as if he were the product of a developer. Having worked in Tech PR for over two years, I’m well versed on the issues developers of all kinds have with their applications.

Basically, it brightened my day considerably when I read it. It’s short, to the point, and easy to dip in and out of if you’re really, really pressed for time. I urge you to read it.


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Been a while since we considered a Chuck Norris fact. Here’s this week’s:

There is no ‘ctrl’ button on Chuck Norris’ computer. Chuck Norris is always in control.

Think about it. Whilst you’re doing that, here’s a video of the man himself:

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You’ve probably all heard the news: co-founder of MySpace Chris DeWolfe has left the social network. Rumours abound that the new head of digital operations, Jonathan Miller, plans to replace the executive team.

That’s all just a smoke screen. Here’s the real reason:

Chuck Norris is suing Myspace for taking the name of what he calls everything around you.

To find out how Chuck Norris is affecting your life, click here.

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