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I can’t help but be slightly disappointed by the lack of Windows 7 promotional tie-ins here in the UK. Microsoft has truly outdone itself this time around with a number of bizarre link-ups that put most other software launches to shame.

For example, the US gets an advertising free episode of Family Guy featuring show favourites Brian and Stewie installing the new OS (an episode which incidentally may never see the light of day here due to product placement regulations):

Japan takes things one step further with this incredible Burger King promotion – the seven (yes, seven) burger Windows 7 Whopper:

Windows Whopper

Meanwhile, here in the UK we have to make do with a PC World trade-in offer. Come on Microsoft, if you want me to upgrade you’ll have to convince me harder than that.


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Tech support

Having the occasionally dubious honour of being ‘Deputy CIO’ I get quite a lot of queries about how to do things with computers – so today’s XKCD resonated very well.

If you couple that with the ‘turn it off then turn it on again‘ maxim and dip into the instructions occasionally, most IT problems go away…  Miraculous!

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After moisturising today, I prepared for work by dreamily sipping a camomile tea in a dainty cup. National newspaper, The Sport, wants me to “Man the **** up!” according to its crude, vulgar and downright funny new promo video.

Or maybe not. No, I’m not a typical Sport reader, although this video did make me laugh, if not question my metrosexual mannerisms.

And it shows exactly how well this  national daily understands its audience.

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You’ve probably all heard the news: co-founder of MySpace Chris DeWolfe has left the social network. Rumours abound that the new head of digital operations, Jonathan Miller, plans to replace the executive team.

That’s all just a smoke screen. Here’s the real reason:

Chuck Norris is suing Myspace for taking the name of what he calls everything around you.

To find out how Chuck Norris is affecting your life, click here.

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