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There’s a lot interesting about upcoming film, Tormented, to me, a ‘slasher movie for the Skins generation.’

First, its been produced by my brother’s company, Slingshot.

Second, it follows his company’s innovative funding, co-development and returns model. Read more about the approach over on his site.

Third, it helps contribute to my brother’s thesis that our affection for zombie and vampire stories tell us something about the human condition – a topic he’s been commissioned by the FT to write about in more detail. Looking forward to that!

Fourth, it takes a serious issue (bullying) and (according to Arvind, I’ve been too rubbish to make it to an early screening as yet) tells a moral tale, and yet somehow manages to be a fun zombie movie.

Fifth, its going to be huge. Check out the trailer. Out on May 22nd – not for the squeamish…


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