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Update: Sorry, looks like these weren’t uploaded with rightsholder permissions and are now gone. Why would people steal from Bill Bailey? Anyway, read about the most recent programme here.

Sorry for delayed news, Friday was hectic.

Saw Bill Bailey last night. A genius in every way, and a good gig, if he didn’t give us much new material as he played his home stage at the Riverside Studios – although he did wheel out a Tenori On for some entertaining novelty… watch out for him defeating evil and creating beauty if he gets it out in the future. Seeing him did remind me of his work with news themes…

To contrast with NBC news – where we go for techno-remixes, the Americans go for ‘ET being chased on a horse by Darth Vader’…

Share and enjoy.

I learned of the gig, which was intimate and cosy and v. fun, directly from Bill. We also saw John Cleese in the audience, which was pretty cool. A nice way to spend a Sunday evening.


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OK, so I had no quirkier suggestions and I guess you can all deal with a geeky bit of fun… James Iry has put together “a brief, incomplete and mostly wrong history of programming languages” over on his blog.

A particular highlight that will be of interest to our colleagues working with Micro Focus:

After losing a bet with L. Ron Hubbard, Grace Hopper and several other sadists invent the Capitalization Of Boilerplate Oriented Language (COBOL) . Years later, in a misguided and sexist retaliation against Adm. Hopper’s COBOL work, Ruby conferences frequently feature misogynistic material.

I also particularly liked, having to study it at University, the description of ML:

1973 – Robin Milner creates ML, a language based on the M&M type theory. ML begets SML which has a formally specified semantics. When asked for a formal semantics of the formal semantics Milner’s head explodes. Other well known languages in the ML family include OCaml, F#, and Visual Basic.

I suspect few people might question the definition of this as fun, but what they hey.

Via qwghlm.

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