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dunking donuts

14 others here – some funnier than others!


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** spoiler alert **

The latest TV offering from US that’s filtered over to me is Dexter – for those who don’t know this anti-hero: he’s no ordinary forensic blood splatter expert, he’s also a part-time knife wielding serial killer that hunts down the bad(der) guys the law can’t touch. He’s the sad creation of his own up-bringing, having witnessed his mother slaughtered in front of him and his brother. Being brought up to live by a code of honour by his foster father – a policeman himself, teaches Dexter how to harness the evil in him for the greater good.

Season two ended with a bang (literally) – Dexter almost had his secret exposed, but a change in a series of (un)fortunate events kept his dark past hidden.

I just watched season three, and although not as gripping as the previous, there are three lessons to be learnt:

1 – If you want/or need to continue being a serial killer for a “good cause”, be careful who you trust. Don’t choose a ‘friend’ who thinks your ideas are cool. He is likely to be crazier than you. Examples are Guy Fawkes, Lindsay Lohan etc.

2 – If you stalk someone that you eventually want to slice up into small pieces, make sure no one else is on the same trail and do it quickly. Don’t do the long monologues. You’re gonna get caught.

3 – Don’t have an affair with someone crazier than you – it’ll put a wrench in your works and mess everything up.

Apart from that, Dexter season three – well worth a watch.

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I’m holiday with my children visiting our family in Mauritius. My children don’t speak Creole fluently; if you don’t know the language, it’s a mix of French, Urdu, Chinese with some English to stick it together.

They get by speaking loudly in English and adding sign language. The locals reply back in their local dialects.

But they don’t quite translate. For example, if you ask for a favour, expect “favours only happen in churches” or if you win on the horses by chance you could be told that “everyday is a monkey day”?

Ever been in a situation where you ordered something in a restaurant complained you didn’t like it, but then you ate it? Then you’d be “the moth that died in the light”.

Things start to get personal in the pool room. You need nerves of steel, or better still pithy quick comebacks, that’ll make your granny’s face go red.

If you ever potted the black by mistake, then you’ve “pricked your octopus”

Occasionally, a good shot will be followed by “lift your sack and go”

A poor shot will be rewarded with “in a moment I will give you a good seeing to”

My favourite is, “oi eggs”, or  “in a moment I will break your eggs”

If you know the Mauritian language, then some of these sayings are hysterically funny. Clearly ‘Yo mama’ rebukes originated in Mauritius. If you don’t believe me then “bring yo mama and see what we can do…”

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Honda’s advertising winning awards is nothing new.  Everyone knows about the amazing success of adverts like  Cog and the  Choir and the live SkyDive. So it wasn’t surprising to read in Media Guardian this morning that they’ve done it again.

This time Honda’s press ads celebrating the reopening of its Swindon factory has picked up the an award for best national newspaper campaign of last month. According to judges at the ANNA’s (Awards for National Newspaper Advertising)

“The Honda work is news in the form of advertising. There is an actual story to be told here, told simply and with charm. Good news amongst the gloom – Honda Swindon is reopening for business….The reopening could have been swept under the carpet all too easily – the shutdown being seen as a real blow to the pride of the brand. But thankfully client and agency saw sense.”


More from Mark Sweney here.

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As it’s summer (really, it is) then it’s an unwritten company rule to hold a few rounders matches. Having warmed up with an intra-agency championship a few weeks ago we were ready to challenge an unsuspecting supplier to a match. Bring on Gorkana.

Unfortunately we were slightly let down by someone, who shall not be named, who forgot until the last minute it was his wedding anniversary and probably shouldn’t be playing rounders. Tut tut. But that didn’t hold us back and we went out with full force.  No game of rounders is complete without some disagreement over the rules and once we’d establish what hitting the ball backwards meant, we were well under way.

Some of the highlights:

  • Jimmy E took one for the team by stopping the ball with his thumb (which is now twice the size)
  • @PatrickYiu made some impressive hits but they always seemed to find the nearest fielder
  • On the very last go, when @SamKano had about three hours in which to get round and score an impressive rounder, he completely stacked it, taking with him half of Hyde Park. No rounder
  • The surprising affect that a small amount of alcohol has on rounders performance
  • @PatrickYiu shouting that we should get bonus points when @SamKano hit the ball straight into the shin of the fourth base fielder

So, because we’ve told Gorkana that we have other options for media information services… we won!! Now let nothing be said about those 9 extra rounders that appeared on Gorkana’s score sheet.

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One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and no-one proves that more than Oliver Bishop Young. This urban artist’s skip conversions see him transforming trashy dumpsters into chic living rooms, skate ramps and swimming pools.

Jacko Weyland has taken one of Young’s garbage ideas and turned it into an NYC summer nightclub experience. His dumpster swimming experience offers clubbers the chance to – litter-ally – swim in a super-sized trashcam.

So if a skinny dip at a trashy bash is your thing, don’t waste a minute – splash into a dumpster and do the junk stroke.

(Via New Image Art)

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Every Friday we have a little music on our office pod, thanks to Spotify… and I take requests for the playlist. We have an eclectic bunch of people here, so get some interesting listening, ranging from Austrian ballads and American Hip-Hop to Australian Heavy Rock and back again. Using the magic of Spotify public lists, I’m going to share this week’s listening selection with y’all and see if anyone wants to recommend some music for us today. Here it is, in its nascent form (it’ll build up over the afternoon and will kick in around 4pm).

Rock the party, people. Like New Zealand.

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