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Dave Gorman has a great post on why “following you back” doesn’t necessarily entail interactivity on Twitter, including Tweetstats fuelled analysis demonstrating quite clearly that people with a smaller number of followers are actually MORE interactive.

I follow around 200 people and struggle to keep up with all the noise – in fact, Tweetdeck is essential for managing the flow such that the more frequent Twitterers are isolated from the people whose daily output I’m more likely to want to chip into. After all, I don’t have a great deal to say to the Real Bill Bailey (who I follow because he’s funny and sometimes you want to read those Tweets to make you smile), but I do generally have more to say to my friends of old, my colleagues, my clients etc.

Like Dave Gorman (though without the stats to prove it, as sometimes I evidently don’t have anything to say in response to an @ mention), I like to think I’m pretty interactive in response to a reply… so I periodically urge my followers to @ me to get my attention – a request usually met with stony silence. Clearly they have too much noise to deal with as well…

New people to Twitter usually follow more people than they are following (it takes a while to build a network, after all, even at the speed of Tweet), but wondering how others manage the flow – do you follow everyone back? What does it take – one reply, one interesting link, or more?


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