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Some debate whether this is all real – but some impressive skills from a bunch of American Footballers. What do you think,  computer generated or not?

Certainly more realistic than this from Nike.


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I’ve just started following Sci-Fi author John Scalzi on Twitter and reading his blog.

The man’s very entertaining… having started reading him thanks to his Hugo Award nomination for The Last Colony (don’t start there if you’re interested, start here)…

Two posts that particularly caught my attention this week; first, his column on Sci-Fi Scanner, which has a look at a few sci-fi technologies we could probably do without. I’m with him on Star Trek’s transporter technology (“99.9 percent accuracy would mean you’ve been turned into a screaming lump of meat”) and flying cars (“We already know how badly people drive in two dimensions. Do you really want to add 50 percent more dimensionality to drive badly in?”)… but am a little bit more optimistic about humanity’s prospects for dealing with intelligent robots and warp drive.

The second post was this brilliant conversation with a stick of butter. It makes little sense and follows on from a poll he conducted on his blog, but is hugely entertaining and reminds of me Scary Duck, who is also Awesome.

Worth checking out if you like sci-fi, or things that are awesome.

H/t to Flashboy for introduction to all things Scalzi.

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