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As the biggest bike race in the world enters its second week, Brit Mark Cavenish is racking up the stage wins and the rivalry between Lance Armstrong and his “team-mate” Alberto Contador has reached fever pitch but other than the battles on the road something interesting is also happening with how the tour is being reported on – especially on twitter.  Cycling is a relatively niche sport and doesn’t generate huge amount of coverage in the back pages of the UK nationals – so how is Twitter helping the cycling enthusiast?

I”ve talked before about how Lance Armstrong successfully uses a variety of social media tools to boost the profile of his LiveSTRONG charity but this year for the first time, loads of the riders involved in the race are posting regular twitter updates, before and after each stage – giving followers a real insight into how each rider is feeling. The tweets are also being used more and more by traditional media as direct quotes in articles – sometimes forming the basis for an entire article, an example from yesterday here.

So not only can cycling enthusiasts get more frequent and timely updates direct from their favourite stars but the real time coverage on twitter is better than the normally reliable BBC Sport. Thanks to ITV’s Tour De France twitter feed – followers can get updates on the race quicker than ever before. Updating in 140 characters speeds up the process a bit!

Twitter being useful – might sound amazing to some but to a cycling geek during the Tour it really is.

And just because I can – here is Mark Cavendish wining stage two of this year’s tour via this YouTube clip.


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Lance Armstrong and the LIVESTRONG brand are savvy marketing machines. When Lance is not training for his return to the Tour de France he is updating his fans on Twitter, via his personal site or the Livestong site.  The Livestong website is aiming to become the ” the definitive daily health, fitness and lifestyle destination..and help people take action to make the most of their life, their time, their body and their world.”

Lance and his team produce a ton of cool and interesting content on a variety of platforms – articles, pictures, videos, blogs, tips, applications – and he has build himself a following of over 700,000 on Twitter alone.

Smart and professional, yes. Perfect? No. Last week, when attempting to post videos of his latest training ride on Twitter, Lance accidently posted his personal email address to nearly three quarters of a million fans. The emails immediately began pouring in. One response might have been to ignore the problem, change email adress and never mention it again.  He decided on a different approach. He immediately acknowledged, thanked everyone for the emails, and within five hours had posted a video response that explained the situation and sharing some of his followers’ emails.

A potentially difficult situation brilliantly managed. Some of the biggest brands in the world could learn a thing or two.

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