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I don’t really understand this. In the same week that Microsoft decides to offer a version of Windows 7 without Internet Explorer bundled (to address the issue that it was deemed anti-competitive but the EU courts), its ALSO going to launch an anti-virus product.

I guess they’ll be able to argue more successfully before the European courts that an operating system NEEDS software to ensure it continues to run and is protected against malware, and it might have more luck persuading them that its true than that it NEEDS an Internet browser. Although, TBH, much as I hate IE in all its incarnations, I kind of think that’s a fair point…

Anyway, I have no doubt the ‘Morro’ AV application will suck (Windows Defender, anyone? See consumer reviews…), but also that its arrival will have a teeth-gnashing effect on the other AV companies of the world.


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Ingredients for making a juicy pop/techno music video costing next to nothing:

2 hands
10 digits
1 marker pen
A healthy dash of European flair

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