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To put the Twitter feed in the right navigation of this blog in place I needed to create an aggregated RSS feed. There’s a million ways of doing this, but I wanted the easiest/quickest/best and my Google searches hadn’t offered an obvious answer… so I asked on Twitter. @GuavaMarkeD helped me out, and now here’s a guide for you to find, Interwebs:

1) Subscribe to one of the RSS feeds you want to add to your composite RSS feed in Google Reader

2) Create a new folder category for it

3) Repeat with all other relevant RSS feeds, filing them in that folder

4) Click on ‘settings’ in Google Reader

5) Click on the ‘private’ setting to make it ‘public’, at which point you’ll be given a link to a web page with the content, including an RSS subscription button

Handy for all sorts of things (e.g. wanting to track all social mentions or a person/client/thing/news event in a consolidated feed), and easy when you know how. I’ve posted it here under the headline of my search term as am sure other people will want to know how…

If you want thoughts on other ways to use Twitter, btw, Lifehacker has six suggestions


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I’ve been on a bit of a healthkick lately. And by lately, I’m referring to a determined effort I kicked off about two weeks ago, rather than the ‘live well’ mantra I’ve been trying to maintain for the last, well, longer bit.

The problem is, I like junk food. I mean, it tastes of awesome. But there’s been a few things I’ve discovered lately that have helped me exercise the ol’ willpower a little better. All three come via the awesome Lifehacker (two from this post),  the authors of which have been helping me streamline my digital existence for a while.

The first is Gyminee, a social network for people being healthy, which tracks your diet and exercise, gives you a scorecard and loads of handy graphs demonstrating your progress. Call me a sucker, but I’ve upgraded to the PRO version and am being diligent about it. You can’t really lie to the system and it has a lot of commonly consumed foods in its database. If it doesn’t – you can add foods manually, as I did for the Eat Italian Ragu soup I had last week (healthalicious). Specifically – it lets you enter a weight loss target, estimates your base metabolic rate based on a number of pieces of information you feed it, and gives you a calorie target to achieve to result in aforementioned weight loss. V. useful, and good motivation.

Next up, given my penchant for eating the unhealthiness that is modern junk food, Dr Gourmet’s guide to eating healthily at fast-food outlets. The guide (available as PDF) weighs heavily toward the American menus, but gives a good general sense of the calorie and fat contents of the healthier options at McDs, etc. Not that you’d need more than common sense to avoid foods like this. Probably also worth pointing out that I had the fear of Subway put in me by Channel 4’s Dispatches a few months back.

The final piece just helps acts as a bit of a deterrent against the junk food indulgence. Again US focussed, this Ads vs Reality piece is pretty offputting. And whilst I don’t know what Arbees is, I definitely don’t want to go there.

I’ve got a lot of kilos to lose before the wedding. Wish me luck!

This may get cross posted to Division6 when I get round to it…

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