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Everyone knows how cool the downloadable applications available on the iPhone are. That’s a given. With an app to suit every occasion, tube journeys need never be dull as long as you have your trusty iPhone/iPod Touch.  With so many apps out there, I thought I’d just focus on one I discovered a few weeks back: the deadmau5 Touch Mix.

deadmau5 (pronounced ‘dead-mouse’ don’t you know, not ‘dead-mow-five’ like I called him for months) is a world renowned DJ – hot on the heels of the likes of Justice and Daft Punk – and is sampled left right and centre.

Pay £1.75 or thereabouts and you can mix just like him. The deadmau5 app includes a top-ten hitlist of his most popular songs, two of which can be played simultaneously and mixed together. You can do all sorts of cool things with the tunes: loop sections, increase/decrease the track tempo, bring specific parts of the songs to the forefront, to create some fresh lyrical beats of your own. All these elements and tune-tinkerings, my flatmate DJ assures me, are crucial ingredients to the real world of mixing.

One major difference is that, once you select a section of music to play, the app brings this in automatically at exactly the right moment – removing the need for what separates the amateurs from the pros: musical timing and a sense of rhythm.

Nevertheless,  I’ve had the app for weeks and still haven’t got it.  It’s somehow hard, even when everything is made easy.

The clip below may not sound that incredible, but they have really mastered this little application.


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Every Friday we have a little music on our office pod, thanks to Spotify… and I take requests for the playlist. We have an eclectic bunch of people here, so get some interesting listening, ranging from Austrian ballads and American Hip-Hop to Australian Heavy Rock and back again. Using the magic of Spotify public lists, I’m going to share this week’s listening selection with y’all and see if anyone wants to recommend some music for us today. Here it is, in its nascent form (it’ll build up over the afternoon and will kick in around 4pm).

Rock the party, people. Like New Zealand.

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Today’s Friday fun comes with a shout out to Shads, who pointed it out to me. 30 classic album covers rendered lovingly in Lego.

Outstanding. Particularly impressed by The Beatles album cover renditions…

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Musical Stylin’

A good friend of mine went to see Regina Spektor at Hyde Park last night. If you haven’t heard her stuff, check it out – it’s chilled, quirky and perfect for supplementing uber-chic TV ads like this.

Last night, however, it was her support act that was standing out. His name is Reggie Watts and he’s utilising music technology in an incredibly awesome, bodacious (insert superlative here) way.

Reggie uses a looping pedal – the clues in the name, but for all those tone-deaf, lyrically-challenged and musically-ignorant like myself, a looping pedal is a “digital sampler built into an easy-to-use footswitch-operated pedal of the kind most often used by guitarists to create looping layers of melody or texture during a live performance.” So it records sound….and loops it.

The below is Reggie’s interpretation of how to use this. And it rocks.

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I think Spotify is fantastic – www.spotify.com. It is great to have an on-line jukebox with millions of songs with high quality sound. You can listen to all kinds of tunes once only, including those naff ones you would never dream of buying, without having to buy them. I introduced Spotify to my kids who now use it a lot too. Their response made me think about how they will be about security when they come into the workplace. They have created one account which they share with their friends  at school and then they create playlists for each other. A bit like the way people used to give each us compilation cassette tapes but less hassle. I wonder whether they will need lessons on security and privacy when they start in the workplace. However it does make you realise how open tomorrow’s workforce will be to collaboration technologies.

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Update: Sorry, looks like these weren’t uploaded with rightsholder permissions and are now gone. Why would people steal from Bill Bailey? Anyway, read about the most recent programme here.

Sorry for delayed news, Friday was hectic.

Saw Bill Bailey last night. A genius in every way, and a good gig, if he didn’t give us much new material as he played his home stage at the Riverside Studios – although he did wheel out a Tenori On for some entertaining novelty… watch out for him defeating evil and creating beauty if he gets it out in the future. Seeing him did remind me of his work with news themes…

To contrast with NBC news – where we go for techno-remixes, the Americans go for ‘ET being chased on a horse by Darth Vader’…

Share and enjoy.

I learned of the gig, which was intimate and cosy and v. fun, directly from Bill. We also saw John Cleese in the audience, which was pretty cool. A nice way to spend a Sunday evening.

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Ingredients for making a juicy pop/techno music video costing next to nothing:

2 hands
10 digits
1 marker pen
A healthy dash of European flair

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