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If the success of our girls’ football team came down to commitment to the cause and sheer determination I’m pretty sure we would have had a good chance of winning our league earlier on this year. Unfortunately it seems to come down to skill and size.  Apart from our goalie Fran, none of us have had much experience on the football field and being dainty PR girls there’s not a lot of weight behind us either. Perhaps we should’ve taken some tips from Elizabeth Lambert, a female footballer from the University of New Mexico, and we wouldn’t have finished last… then again, looking at our opposition, those moves might get us into more trouble than it’s worth.


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Professional footballer and prolific twitterer Darren Bent (of Sunderland, ex-Spurs subs bench fame) has really taken the micro-blogging network to heart – he’s had his profile name, @DBTheTruth, stitched into his boots. The interactive kickers are courtesy of his supplier Umbro.

This isn’t the first time the occasional England striker has embraced Twitter. In the summer, in an attempt to reinvigorate his stalled transfer from Harry Redknapp’s White Army to the Black Cats, he let his feelings been known with what some might call a strongly-worded outburst aimed at the North London club’s chairman, Daniel Levy.

Obviously Bent isn’t the first sportsperson to use Twitter, but he does seem to be the one embracing it the most. We’ve had live event blogging and tweeting – what money on Bent to tweet whilst playing in a match?

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For my sins, I’m a Forest fan. Having been born in the mid eighties and not really being aware of the team until about a decade later, that means I have rarely experienced true joy when it comes to the true Reds winning anything. The glory days of Clough were long gone by the time I fell in love with Frank Clark’s team of Colin Cooper, Steve Stone and Chettle, Ian Woan and, of course, Stuart ‘Pyscho’ Pearce. The years since have been a bit of a drought. When I heard Arsenal fans whinge about four years without a trophy I pity them. Come talk to me when it’s twelve years since you’ve played a Premiership match.

So it is an unfamiliar emotion that I find myself feeling this Monday morning in October. Four wins in the last four games (including seemingly runaway promotion favourites Newcastle), goal difference keeping us from a play-off position – not a bad way to start the week.

However, best not to get carried away. Promotion is won in May, not October, one game at a time etc. Got to keep feet on the ground, otherwise there’ll be tears when it all goes tits up at Christmas. Still, I can revel in this for a bit: ahead of Leicester, and the sheep all the way down in 17th. How could that not be a great start to the week?


Hands up who thought this blog was going to be about Cloud Computing?

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Here is the video that apparently helped inspire Barcelona to victory in the Champions League final. According to sources, Barcelona’s Manager, Pep Guardiola, moved his players to tears with the film montage just before they went out to face Manchester United.

Every member of the squad is included somewhere – along with guest apperances from Russell Crowe.  The film concludes with a rendition of Nessun Dorma, sung by Luciano Pavarotti.  Inspired?

(Warning: the full clip is 7 minutes long)

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Some debate whether this is all real – but some impressive skills from a bunch of American Footballers. What do you think,  computer generated or not?

Certainly more realistic than this from Nike.

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