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Eraserhead, Wild at Heart, Mulholland Drive; David Lynch’s output has always bordered on the eccentric, to say the least.

Try searching for a trailer for Twin Peaks and you’ll come across this – possibly the most bizarre dance put to celluloid.

Not so long ago, a friend recommended I visit www.davidlynch.com. Meh, probably some bog-standard, self-promoting ‘web destination’ for all things Lynch, shamelessly wrapped around some new film, I cynically thought.

How wrong I was.

Without a doubt one of the most unique websites I’ve seen. Check it out for yourself. It includes, but is not limited to:

A video of the director offering daily weather reports

A dedicated catalogue on the range of David’s ‘Signature Cup’ coffee products

A page of ringtones (presumably created by Lynch)

An online shop selling pins/buttons, distorted nudes books, hats and mousepads

Bizarre but y’know, sort of cool.


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Great spoof video from The Onion News Network Gloria Bianco explains how she uses Facebook and Twitter to keep tabs her son Jeffrey while he’s away at university.  Bianco tells parents how to set up a Facebook profile so they can keep track on their children: “I look through all my son’s photos every day” .

(Via Revolution)

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Some of these are more impressive than others – but anyone that can clap 14 times a second surely deserves some respect.

Via Guardian’s Tech section

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After moisturising today, I prepared for work by dreamily sipping a camomile tea in a dainty cup. National newspaper, The Sport, wants me to “Man the **** up!” according to its crude, vulgar and downright funny new promo video.

Or maybe not. No, I’m not a typical Sport reader, although this video did make me laugh, if not question my metrosexual mannerisms.

And it shows exactly how well this  national daily understands its audience.

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Ingredients for making a juicy pop/techno music video costing next to nothing:

2 hands
10 digits
1 marker pen
A healthy dash of European flair

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The real or not question continues.  Are these dazzling damzels actually playing the piano?

After watching Big as a child, the difficulty of oversized keyboarding has always seemed pretty high, but I reckon this pure talent:

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Stumbled across this today – if you’ve ever wondered what a journey on the Northern Line looks like from street level, a bright spark has used Google Streetview to put it together for you. Wonder no more.

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