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** spoiler alert **

The latest TV offering from US that’s filtered over to me is Dexter – for those who don’t know this anti-hero: he’s no ordinary forensic blood splatter expert, he’s also a part-time knife wielding serial killer that hunts down the bad(der) guys the law can’t touch. He’s the sad creation of his own up-bringing, having witnessed his mother slaughtered in front of him and his brother. Being brought up to live by a code of honour by his foster father – a policeman himself, teaches Dexter how to harness the evil in him for the greater good.

Season two ended with a bang (literally) – Dexter almost had his secret exposed, but a change in a series of (un)fortunate events kept his dark past hidden.

I just watched season three, and although not as gripping as the previous, there are three lessons to be learnt:

1 – If you want/or need to continue being a serial killer for a “good cause”, be careful who you trust. Don’t choose a ‘friend’ who thinks your ideas are cool. He is likely to be crazier than you. Examples are Guy Fawkes, Lindsay Lohan etc.

2 – If you stalk someone that you eventually want to slice up into small pieces, make sure no one else is on the same trail and do it quickly. Don’t do the long monologues. You’re gonna get caught.

3 – Don’t have an affair with someone crazier than you – it’ll put a wrench in your works and mess everything up.

Apart from that, Dexter season three – well worth a watch.


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