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For my sins, I’m a Forest fan. Having been born in the mid eighties and not really being aware of the team until about a decade later, that means I have rarely experienced true joy when it comes to the true Reds winning anything. The glory days of Clough were long gone by the time I fell in love with Frank Clark’s team of Colin Cooper, Steve Stone and Chettle, Ian Woan and, of course, Stuart ‘Pyscho’ Pearce. The years since have been a bit of a drought. When I heard Arsenal fans whinge about four years without a trophy I pity them. Come talk to me when it’s twelve years since you’ve played a Premiership match.

So it is an unfamiliar emotion that I find myself feeling this Monday morning in October. Four wins in the last four games (including seemingly runaway promotion favourites Newcastle), goal difference keeping us from a play-off position – not a bad way to start the week.

However, best not to get carried away. Promotion is won in May, not October, one game at a time etc. Got to keep feet on the ground, otherwise there’ll be tears when it all goes tits up at Christmas. Still, I can revel in this for a bit: ahead of Leicester, and the sheep all the way down in 17th. How could that not be a great start to the week?


Hands up who thought this blog was going to be about Cloud Computing?


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