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I hear with glee that series 3 of Mad Men is airing in the US this summer.  This means it should hit our shores during the autumn.  This is a very good thing.

Communications folks like me enjoy Mad Men as it takes us back to a bygone age where a hard day’s work involved rolling up around 11am, attending the odd meeting, lunching heartily and putting away more Old Fashioneds than you could shake a stick at.  And that’s not to mention the frequent and passionate discussions of the Ugandan situation with female co-workers.

Setting aside the naughtiness however, Mad Men includes some truly classic pieces of TV.  Don Draper’s presentation of the Kodak Carousel at the end of S1 is compulsory viewing for anyone who has to pitch for a living.  His wife Betty shooting ducks in her dressing gown, cigarette in mouth, during S2 is another.

Consider your cards duly marked.


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